What Is Fender Rolling?

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Fender rolling is a popular technique used by car enthusiasts and automotive professionals to enhance the aesthetics and performance of vehicles. It involves reshaping the inner lip of the vehicle’s fender to create additional clearance for larger wheels and tires. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of fender rolling, understand the process, and explore the benefits it offers in achieving a customized and optimized fitment for your vehicle.

What Is Fender Rolling?

Fender rolling is a process that involves gently reshaping the inner lip of the vehicle’s fender to create more clearance between the wheel and the fender. It is typically performed on vehicles with low suspension setups or those that require more room for larger wheels and tires. By rolling the fender, the potential for tire rubbing is reduced, allowing for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

The Fender Rolling Process:

  1. Preparing the Vehicle: Before initiating the fender rolling process, the vehicle is prepared by removing the wheels and thoroughly cleaning the fender area. This ensures a clear and accessible working surface.
  2. Heating the Fender Lip: Heat is applied to the inner lip of the fender using a heat gun. The heat softens the paint and metal, making it more pliable and easier to reshape.
  3. Rolling the Fender: A specialized fender rolling tool is used to gradually roll the inner lip of the fender upward. The tool applies controlled pressure along the inner lip, gradually increasing the clearance between the wheel and the fender. This process is performed carefully to avoid damaging the fender or the paintwork.
  4. Inspecting and Test Fitting: Once the fender rolling is complete, the area is inspected to ensure a smooth and uniform shape. The wheels are then reinstalled and test fitted to verify that there is adequate clearance between the tires and the fenders.

Benefits Of Fender Rolling:

  1. Wheel and Tire Fitment: Fender rolling allows for the installation of larger wheels and tires without compromising the vehicle’s performance or safety. It creates additional clearance, reducing the risk of tire rubbing, which can lead to uneven tire wear and potential damage to the fender.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: Fender rolling can improve the visual appeal of a vehicle, especially when paired with aggressive wheel fitments. The increased clearance provides a more flush and customized look, enhancing the vehicle’s stance and overall aesthetic appeal.
  3. Improved Handling and Performance: By eliminating tire rubbing, fender rolling improves the vehicle’s handling and performance. It allows for increased suspension travel and prevents interference between the tire and the fender, resulting in a smoother and more controlled ride.
  4. Versatility: Fender rolling is not limited to specific vehicle models or modifications. It can be performed on various types of vehicles, including sedans, sports cars, and SUVs, offering flexibility for customization and performance upgrades.

When Is Fender Rolling Recommended?

Fender rolling is recommended in situations where there is a need for additional wheel and tire clearance. It is commonly performed when:

  • Installing wider wheels and tires
  • Lowering the vehicle’s suspension
  • Correcting rubbing issues during hard cornering or under full suspension compression

It is important to consult with automotive professionals or experienced technicians to assess the specific requirements of your vehicle and ensure the fender rolling process is performed correctly.


Fender rolling is a popular technique used to enhance the aesthetics and performance of vehicles by creating additional clearance between the wheels and fenders. By reshaping the inner lip of the fender, fender rolling allows for the installation of larger wheels and tires, improving the vehicle’s stance and customized fitment. Additionally, it provides a solution to tire rubbing issues, ensuring a smoother and safer driving experience. If you’re considering upgrading your wheels or modifying your vehicle’s suspension, fender rolling can be a valuable technique to achieve optimal fitment and unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s aesthetics and performance.

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What Does It Mean To Roll The Fenders?

That isn’t good for the tires or the body panels, so you have to “roll” the fenders. That just means rolling the inside of the fenders and quarters up and in so the tire can move freely without rubbing on the sheet metal.

What Is The Difference Between Fender Pulling And Fender Rolling?

Rolling flattens the lip that’s scrubbing but still looks OEM from the outside, where pulling pulls the fender out to ensure additional clearance and visibly pulls the fender outwards. Some drifters opt for rolling before realizing that they need even more clearance, and this is where pulling can be useful.

Is Fender Rolling Necessary?

Fender rolling prevents the fender from rubbing against the sidewall of the tire. After investing in a new setup, you don’t want your tires or wheels to get damaged from the metal lip inside of your fender. If you drive with poor fitment, the tires can easily get worn or cut and the fender paint can wear away too.

How Much Does It Cost To Roll Your Fenders?

you should be expecting to pay around $50-70 per fender for a simple roll, but if you’re opting for cutting or pulling, then that price could change drastically. It can also be different on a car-to-car basis dependent on the fender design.


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