What Is A Wishing Well?

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What Is A Wishing Well?

Wishing wells are not just charming features of gardens or decorative elements at weddings; they hold a special place in the hearts of people worldwide as symbols of hope and dreams. These wells have a rich history, transcending time and cultures. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of a wishing well, its origins, and the enduring magic it represents.

Origins And History

The tradition of wishing wells dates back centuries and can be traced to various cultures. While the specific customs and practices vary, the underlying belief in the power of wishes is a common thread.

  1. European Folklore: In European folklore, wells were often considered sacred and believed to be inhabited by spirits or deities. Throwing a coin into a well was thought to appease the spirits and make a wish. This belief likely contributed to the concept of wishing wells.
  2. Celtic and Druid Traditions: Ancient Celts and Druids viewed wells as portals to the Otherworld. They believed that by tossing offerings or coins into these wells, they could communicate with the spirits or seek their blessings.
  3. European Wedding Tradition: In Europe, particularly in Germany and the Netherlands, it was customary for newlyweds to have a well in their yard or at their wedding. Guests would toss coins into the well to wish the couple good luck and prosperity. This tradition eventually evolved into the familiar wedding wishing well, where guests place cards with monetary gifts or wishes.
  4. Pennies for Wishes: In the United States, the practice of tossing pennies into fountains, ponds, or wells is a popular way to make a wish. Tourist attractions often have designated “wishing ponds” where visitors participate in this age-old tradition.

The Symbolism Of Wishing Wells

Wishing wells symbolize hope, dreams, and the power of positive intentions. They serve as a physical representation of a person’s desires and aspirations. The act of making a wish and tossing a coin into a well is a ritual that fosters optimism and the belief that wishes can come true.

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The Modern Interpretation

Today, wishing wells have evolved beyond their historical and cultural roots. They are often used at special events, such as weddings, birthdays, and fundraisers, where guests can make wishes by contributing money to a designated container. The collected funds are then typically used for a specific purpose, like the newlyweds’ honeymoon or a charitable cause.

Wishing wells continue to be popular decorative features in gardens and public spaces, serving as a reminder of the enduring human belief in the power of hope and dreams.


Wishing wells have a timeless and universal appeal, transcending cultural boundaries and bringing people together through a shared belief in the magic of making wishes. Whether found in ancient folklore, cultural traditions, or modern celebrations, these wells remain symbols of hope and positivity. So the next time you encounter a wishing well, don’t hesitate to toss in a coin, make a wish, and embrace the enchanting belief that dreams can come true.


What Is A Wishing Well Gift?

A wedding wishing well is a basket, decorative box or some other means for guests to deposit money inside as their wedding gift. They’re a great idea for couples who may have already set up home and don’t have a need for traditional gifts such as kitchenware or bed linen.

How Much Money Do You Put In A Wishing Well?

The amount of money guests should gift depends on how close they are to the couple, as well as how much they feel comfortable giving. For instance, if you are a close friend to the bride or groom, you may consider giving between $100 and $150.

What Does My Wishing Well Mean?

a well believed to have the property of making wishes made at it come true.

What Is A Wishing Well At A Party?

A wedding wishing well is typically a box at a wedding within which guests can deposit cash gifts for a newly married couple. It’s as simple as that. With cash often preferred over physical gifts at a modern day celebration, a wishing well is a convenient and tidy way to accept money and cards from guests.

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