What Is A Pitman Arm?

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In the realm of automotive engineering, various components work together seamlessly to ensure a smooth and controlled driving experience. One such critical component is the Pitman arm, which plays a vital role in the steering mechanism of vehicles. While drivers may not directly interact with the Pitman arm, its proper functioning is essential for maintaining precise steering control and overall vehicle stability. In this blog, we will unveil the Pitman arm, its significance in steering systems, and how it contributes to safe and efficient driving.

What Is A Pitman Arm?

The Pitman arm is a steering component that connects the steering gearbox to the steering linkage, transmitting the rotational movement from the gearbox to the wheels. It is a crucial part of the recirculating ball steering mechanism, which is commonly used in older vehicles and some heavy-duty applications. The Pitman arm converts the rotary motion of the steering gearbox into linear motion, allowing the wheels to turn left or right when the steering wheel is turned.

Role Of The Pitman Arm In Steering Mechanisms

  1. Steering Conversion: The Pitman arm serves as a mechanical link between the steering gearbox’s rotary motion and the steering linkage’s linear motion, facilitating the turning of the wheels in response to the driver’s steering input.
  2. Precise Control: By converting the rotational movement into linear motion, the Pitman arm ensures precise control over the direction of the wheels, allowing drivers to navigate curves and corners accurately.
  3. Proper Steering Geometry: The Pitman arm, along with other steering components, helps maintain proper steering geometry, ensuring that the wheels align correctly and wear evenly.
  4. Smooth Steering Response: A well-functioning Pitman arm enables a smooth and responsive steering feel, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Signs Of Pitman Arm Issues

Over time, the Pitman arm can experience wear and tear due to the stresses placed on it during normal driving. Some signs of Pitman arm issues include:

  1. Steering Play: Excessive play or looseness in the steering wheel may indicate a worn or damaged Pitman arm.
  2. Steering Wobble: A vibrating or wobbling sensation in the steering wheel can be a sign of Pitman arm wear.
  3. Uneven Tire Wear: Uneven tire wear patterns may suggest improper steering geometry caused by a faulty Pitman arm.
  4. Difficulty Steering: A stiff or difficult-to-turn steering wheel could be related to a damaged Pitman arm.

Maintenance And Replacement

Regular vehicle maintenance, including inspecting steering components like the Pitman arm, is essential for safe driving. If any signs of Pitman arm issues are detected, it is crucial to address them promptly to prevent further damage to the steering system and ensure the vehicle’s overall stability and safety.


The Pitman arm may be hidden beneath the vehicle’s chassis, but its role in the steering mechanism is undeniably vital. As a critical link between the steering gearbox and the steering linkage, the Pitman arm enables precise control over the direction of the wheels, contributing to a smooth and responsive steering experience. By understanding the importance of this steering component and staying vigilant for signs of wear, drivers can ensure their vehicles are in optimal condition, promoting safer and more enjoyable journeys on the road.

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What Does Pitman Arm Do?

Pitman Arms connect the steering linkage to steering column and supports the other end of linkage from the idler arm. Pitman arms also convert the turning movements from the steering gear box to the center link. They are responsible for the back and forth movement that actually steers your tires.

What Is The Pitman Arm Called?

Pitman arm is also called steering arm and it transmits the steering movement to the wheel. The Pitman arm is a linkage attached to the sector shaft of the steering box and track rod it converts the angular motion of the sector shaft into the linear motion needed to steer the wheels.

What Is A Pittman?

plural pitmen ˈpit-mən : a man who works in or near a pit: such as. a. British : miner. b. : a sawyer who stands below the timber.

What Is Drop Arm Or Pitman Arm?

When the steering wheel is turned right or left the pitman transmits the motion it receives from the steering gearbox to the tie rod. A “drop pitman arm” is used to correct the steering when a vehicle has a suspension lift.

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