What Is A High Collar?

What Is A High Collar? A high collar is a type of neckline that is characterized by its height and vertical shape, sitting closely around the neck. This style of collar has been used in fashion throughout history, and it continues to be a popular design feature in modern clothing. In this blog post, we will explore what a high collar is, its history, and its use in contemporary fashion.

What Is A High Collar?

The high collar has been used in fashion for centuries. In medieval times, both men and women wore high collars as a way to protect their necks from the cold. The collars were made from stiff materials such as linen, and they were often adorned with lace or embroidery. During the Renaissance, high collars became even more elaborate, with ruffs made from pleated fabric that extended high above the head.

In the 19th century, the high collar became a fashionable accessory for men’s dress shirts. The collar was made from stiff cotton or linen and was designed to be worn with a tie or bowtie. This style of collar was known as a “standing collar” because it stood up straight around the neck. The high collar was also popular among women’s fashion during this time, often accompanied by a corset, and was considered a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

In the 20th century, the high collar continued to be a popular design feature in both men’s and women’s clothing. In the 1960s, mod fashion popularized the high-necked shift dress, which often featured a stand-up collar. In the 1980s, the high collar was a staple of power dressing, with women’s blouses featuring high, ruffled collars as a way to assert authority in the workplace.

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Today, the high collar continues to be a popular design feature in fashion. High-necked dresses and blouses are a common sight on the runway, with designers incorporating the collar into a variety of styles. The high collar can be made from a variety of materials, from soft fabrics like cotton or silk to more structured materials like leather or metal. It can be adorned with ruffles, lace, embroidery, or studs, adding a unique and stylish touch to any outfit.

The high collar has also been popularized in other areas of fashion, such as outerwear. Many jackets and coats feature a high collar as a way to protect the neck from the elements. This style of collar can be found in both casual and formal designs, making it a versatile design feature.

In conclusion, a high collar is a type of neckline that sits closely around the neck and extends upwards. It has a long history in fashion and has been used in a variety of styles and designs throughout the years. Whether made from soft fabrics or structured materials, the high collar adds a unique and sophisticated touch to any outfit. Its versatility ensures that it will continue to be a popular design feature for years to come.

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