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Top 160+ Russian Dog Names

If you are planning to adopt Russian dogs, then you must be looking for Russian dog names. The world is full of different dog species. Giving them a name based on their breed and personality is not an easy task. So, it’s my duty to help you in choosing a unique, uncommon name for your new family member. In my today’s article, I have listed down more than 160 Russian names for dogs. I guarantee that you won’t regret looking at these dog names as you have got plenty of different categories. Let us first short-list some of the best Russian dog names and then finalize the best one!

Top 30 Russian Dog Names

Here, I have listed down 20 Russian dog names ideas for your pet dog.

  1. Viktor
  2. Sergei
  3. Nikolai
  4. Artem
  5. Boris
  6. Elbrus
  7. Anastasia
  8. Irina
  9. Mariinsky
  10. Kubik
  11. Sharik
  12. Annika
  13. Alexei
  14. Katya
  15. Michail
  16. Volga
  17. Kosmo
  18. Slava
  19. Sacha
  20. Oksana
  21. Caspian
  22. Brosno
  23. Boris
  24. Czar
  25. Elbrus
  26. Kissel
  27. Leo
  28. Masha
  29. Moscow
  30. Putin 

Let us now have a look at a Russian dog names boy.

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Top 25 Russian Dog Names Male

Having a Russian male dog is always very cool and stylish. Below, I have gathered some Russian male dog names to name your buddy.

  1. Alexey
  2. Baikal
  3. Anton
  4. Danii
  5. Grom
  6. Baron
  7. Maxim
  8. Novgorod
  9. Lev
  10. Igor
  11. Ivan
  12. Aleksandr
  13. Oleg
  14. Stepan
  15. Fyodor
  16. Pyotr
  17. Pavel
  18. Zakhar
  19. Evgeny
  20. Rodion 
  21. Maks
  22. Semyon
  23. Zeno
  24. Tamryn
  25. Shura 

You can keep on reading further for Russian girl dog names.

Top 25 Russian Dog Names Female

Just like male dogs even female dogs deserve a beautiful name that suits them. There are uncountable Russian female dog names out there. Here, I have picked up some of my favorite ones.

  1. Anna
  2. Changa
  3. Bella
  4. Dani
  5. Alina
  6. Katerina
  7. Lada
  8. Calina
  9. Lidia
  10. Nadia
  11. Sonia
  12. Tanya
  13. Svetlana
  14. Yelena
  15. Maria
  16. Katia
  17. Natalia
  18. Raisa
  19. Lubov
  20. Faina
  21. Belka
  22. Devora
  23. Eva
  24. Inessa
  25. Fenya 

Top 20 Famous Russian Dog Names With Meaning

Any name sounds even more beautiful when it has some hidden meaning to it. Here are some classic Russian dog names in English with meanings.

NamesTheir Meanings
ArtemHealthy, sound, wholesome
FyodorGift of God
Mishawho is like the Lord
VladimirRuler of the world, of great power
Konstantin Constant, steadfast
MarinaOf the sea
Vera Faith
DaniiGod is my judge
GlebHeir of God
Han God is gracious

Top 10 Cute Russian Dog Names

In the below section, I have mentioned 10 cute names for Russian dogs that can be used to name them.

  1. Anna
  2. Nadya
  3. Masha 
  4. Gabriel
  5. Ada
  6. Zeus
  7. Zasha
  8. Sputnik
  9. Polina 
  10. Alana

Top 10 Cool Russian Dog Names

There are no particular limitations for naming your pup! Here are some coolest names you can consider for your dog.

  1. Bars
  2. Belka
  3. Pushok
  4. Sochi
  5. Onega
  6. Zefir
  7. Vodka
  8. Mir
  9. Ruble
  10. Laika 

Top 10 Badass Russian Dog Names

Finding a badass name for your pet dog is quite a daunting task. Today I’ll help you by presenting some badass Russian names for your pet dog.

  1. Yuri
  2. Sasha
  3. Boris
  4. Katya
  5. Irina
  6. Inna
  7. Kira
  8. Svetlana
  9. Viktor
  10. Nikolai

Top 10 Tough Russian Dog Names

Not just humans but even animals have the right to be called by a name. Here are some tough Russian names that are perfect for dogs.

  1. Kazak
  2. Buka
  3. Amur
  4. Czar
  5. Lukas
  6. Bolshoi
  7. Rasputin
  8. Ruble
  9. Orlenda
  10. Jelena

Top 10 Unique Russian Dog Names

When you have a pet, they won’t come to you unless you call them by their name. You can use the following list of dog names derived from the Russian language.

  1. Anja
  2. Eva
  3. Fayina
  4. Galya
  5. Jelena
  6. Lara
  7. Lyubov
  8. Gasha
  9. Selina
  10. Toma

Top 10 Russian Dog Names For Huskies

Most pet names are given based on their breed. Here, I have found out 10 Russian dog short names for huskies.

  1. Lubmilla
  2. Anton
  3. Rex
  4. Ace
  5. Stalin
  6. Kukla
  7. Ural
  8. Trotsky
  9. Ulfa
  10. Kobel 

Ukrainian Dog Names

Ukraine is one of the most vibrant countries located in Eastern Europe. Have you ever thought of naming your dog after this famous place? Below, I have written down plenty of Ukrainian dog names that you can opt for.

  1. Platon
  2. Miro
  3. Stan
  4. Paul
  5. Bohdan
  6. Egor
  7. Andrey
  8. Olena
  9. Dasha
  10. Daria
  11. Zara
  12. Verka

German Dog Names

If you have a German dog breed, you must come up with a unique name that matches their personality! You can pick up any name from the below list to name your dog.

  1. Maus
  2. Hase
  3. Herr
  4. Franz
  5. Johann
  6. Ludwig
  7. Kuchen
  8. Baden
  9. Bonn
  10. Berlin

Tips For Choosing Russian Dog Names

Giving your dog a unique name sounds like a fun task! But there are some considerations that you might be unaware of. Below, I have given some useful tips that’ll make sure your new family member’s name is on point.

  • Choose a name based on different elements of a country. This can include geography, architecture, food, historical figures, landmarks, and more.
  • Try to name them based on their breeds and gender.
  • Avoid picking a name having negative meanings.
  • You can even choose a name that ends with vowels.
  • Always consider the personality of dog before finalizing any name.
  • Choose a name that brings a positive reinforce in your house.

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What Is A Good Russian Name For A Dog?

Ivan (god is gracious) Konstantin (constant, steadfast) Luka (Russian form of Lucas or Luke, meaning “light”) Misha (a form of Michael, which means “who is like the Lord.” In Russian, Misha also means bear cub).

What Is Russia’s Most Popular Dog?

Siberian Husky. Kicking off our list with the most famous Russian dog breed, perhaps ever, is the Siberian Husky. The breed dates back at least 4,000 years to the Chukchi people and their sled dogs, but they reached acclaim much later in 1908, where they were imported to Alaska during the gold rush.

What Is A Russian Dog?

Russian Toys are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. The Russian Toy has been assigned the Toy Group designation. The breed was developed in 18th century Russia and was a popular companion for the aristocracy. The Russian Toy comes in two varieties: the Smooth Coat and the Long Coat.

What Is A Popular Dog In Russia?

The most famous and popular native Russian dog breeds include the Husky, Samoyed, Borzoi, Black Russian Terrier, Caucasian Shepherd, Central Asian Shepherd, Tsvetnaya Bolonka, Finnish Spitz, Russian Toy Terrier and the Russian Harlequin Hound.

What Is A Russian Blue Dog?

The Russian Blue is a robust breed, with firm muscles and an overall dose of good looks. It is physically in the same class as the Korat and Oriental Shorthair — long, slender, elegant. It is of a medium size, and muscular, but compared to a swimmer in the compactness of its musculature.

What Is The #1 Dog Name?

A new study has determined that “Luna” is the most popular name for dogs in a whopping 35 states.


My above Russian dog names list seems never-ending! There is no any particular way to give your dog friend a name. But still, I have tried my best to nail this task. The first thirty names in the list are unisex Russian dog names. Names that suit the male dogs the best include Alexey, Baikal, Anton, Danii, Grom, and Baron. While some of my favorite picks for female dogs are Anna, Changa, Bella, Dani, Katerina, Lada, Calina, Lidia, Nadia, and Sonia. Now, my duty ends here as I have handed over some of the best Russian dog names that you’ll love!

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