How Can Women Be Safe While Taking a Late-Night Cab Ride?

For centuries, violence against women has been the dark side of society. Their safety is threatened daily in both the private and public spheres. Even in developed countries like America, 133,294 women have been victims of sexual assault in 2022.

Yes, the world has always been unsafe for women, especially at night. For instance, traveling alone at night in a cab without taking precautions is a recipe for disaster. You won’t know the potential dangers of booking or hauling a cab in the dead of night.

Irrespective of what your reason is to take a late-night cab ride, you should follow a few safety tips. Examples include sharing ride information, carrying self-defense equipment, etc.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a list of four safety tips while taking a cab at night and more.

The Horrifying Truth About Uber

Even though cab services and booking apps have revolutionized how people travel, it’s not always safe. The thing is, you cannot foresee the driver’s character at the time of booking. Similarly, you might be unable to access any feedback on their previous behavior.

Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Curb are the most famous cab-booking apps in America. Among them, Uber has the largest user base. However, this company has recently been under investigation. They have been critically scrutinized for failing to ensure the safety of female passengers.

According to TorHoerman Law, nearly 10,000 sexual assault and misconduct cases were reported to Uber between 2017 and 2020. These horrifying incidents occurred because the company failed to implement safety measures or conduct background checks on drivers. This troubling pattern of violence proves how unsafe cab rides are for women, especially at night.

The survivors soon filed thousands of Uber sexual assault lawsuits against the drivers and the company. These lawsuits aimed to facilitate a thorough investigation into the company’s responsibility and the perpetrator’s actions. The victims have also shared their stories in hopes that the company will change its safety protocols for women on humanitarian grounds.

4 Safety Tips You Should Follow if You’re Taking a Cab at Night

All these incidents prove that women cannot trust cab-booking apps to prioritize their safety during late-night travel. Therefore, it’s up to you to defend yourself and keep yourself protected from any danger. For that, you can follow these safety tips:

#1. Verify the Driver’s Identity

Uber and other companies have noted that some drivers might not be verified. Yes, there are drivers out there who have created fake rider profiles just to take advantage of vulnerable individuals. Sometimes, the car’s number plate might not match what’s being shown on the app. If you aren’t careful with these details, it can put you in harm’s way.

For women traveling at night, it’s extra important to verify the car and the driver’s information before entering the vehicle. You can perform a quick review by checking their driver’s license and looking at their in-app picture. Once done, you can verify the number plate and ask them for your name, as shown in the app.

If there’s anything that you cannot verify, avoid entering the vehicle. If the information checks out, you can enter the cab and ensure that the doors aren’t child-locked. Being vigilant with these can save you from unthinkable situations.

#2. Share the Ride Information With Your Family or Friends

After getting into the cab, you should share the ride information with your family or friends. It will include the driver’s information, like their number, name, and picture. It’ll also include the car’s model and the license plate number.

Apart from giving the ride information to people you trust, you can also share your location. You can use the built-in live location features on your phone so that your loved ones can track you.

All these will help your family members and friends follow the vehicle’s every move and track the journey in real time. Yes, sharing the cab’s information is a crucial step when you’re traveling solo at night.

#3. Stay Alert About Your Surroundings

In 2023, a woman fell asleep on her Lyft ride because she was exhausted. The driver, Yiduo Ding, picked her up from a New York City club and proceeded to sexually assault her while she was sleeping. This incident proves the importance of paying attention to your surroundings while inside an unknown vehicle.

You should be vigilant about where the driver is taking you, especially during late-night travel. One thing you can do is keep the windows rolled down. Moreover, you should avoid engaging in distracting activities like playing games on your phone or texting.

Instead, you should focus on the route the driver is taking and verify whether it aligns with the correct path. You can also instruct the driver to avoid taking any shortcuts and to drive through the main areas.

#4. Keep Self-Defense Equipment Handy

While it’s unlikely to face scary situations if you’ve followed the aforementioned safety tips, you can still find yourself in vulnerable situations. That’s when you might need to defend yourself from danger. The only way to do that is by keeping self-defense equipment and resources handy.

For instance, you can buy a portable pepper spray and use it when threatened. You can also get a personal alarm keychain that’ll start making a loud noise and flashing bright lights if you push a button.

If you’re good with physical self-defense tactics, then getting open-point rings or keychains could come in handy. You can also carry around a stun gun or a knife for optimal safety while riding a late-night cab.

In conclusion, being a woman is definitely tough. You’ve got to keep an extra eye out for your safety, especially when the sun is gone. Cases like the Uber sexual assault incidents can surely put shivers down your spine.

If you’re heading home in a cab after long hours of work or a get-together with friends, then you need to be extra vigilant. Remember to carry self-defense equipment and stay alert about the surroundings the driver is taking you through. Sharing the cab information and verifying the driver’s identity before getting on is also important.